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Turfgrass Management and Use
from the files of Dr. Richard Duble, Professor of Soil and Crop Sciences (emeritus)
author of Description of Turfgrasses - Their Management and Use in the Southern Zone

Turfgrass Establishment
Specifications for Turfgrass Establishment

Turfgrass Culture
Non-irrigated Turf Maintenance; Lawns, Parks, School Grounds, etc.
Establishing Football/Soccer Fields
The "Art" of Greens Maintenance
Turfgrass Nutrition
Iron Chlorosis in Turfgrass
Factors Influencing Influencing Fertilization
Turfgrass Fertilization
Weed Control in Turf
Broadleaf Weed Control
Control of Grassbur or Sandbur in Turfgrasses
Control of Nutsedge or Nutgrass in Turf
Grassy Weed Control
Controlling Weeds in Buffalograss
Mowing Schedule for Turfgrass Species
Mowing Cost Examples
Water Management on Turfgrasses
Evapotranspiration and Rainfall in Texas
Sample Pesticide Application Record Form
Dog-On-It Lawn Problems

Turfgrass Variety Information
Kentucky Bluegrass
Buffalo Grass
Centipede Grass
Seashore Paspalum
St. Augustinegrass
Q&A about St. Augustinegrass Cultivars
Tall Fescue

Turfgrass Disease Information
Bermudagrass Decline
Brown Patch
Centipede Decline
Dollar Spot
Fairy Rings
Fusarium Blight
Gray Leaf Spot
Nigrospora Stolon Rot
Powdery Mildew
Pythium Blight
Rust Disease
Seedling Diseases
Spring Dead Spot
St. Augustine Decline
Take-All Patch
Information on Ordering Bound Copy of Turfgrass Book
Description of Turfgrasses - Their Management and Use in the Southern Zone from TAMU Press

Commercial Turfgrass Information
Fact Sheets from the Turfgrass Resource Center
Grass Facts from the Turfgrass Resource Center
Commercial Turfgrass Information from FAIRS
Weed Control Guide for Florida's Turfgrass Professionals

Questions and Answers
Brown, dead spots
Clover in St. Augustine Grass
Fertilizer Types
Fertilizer Spreaders
Grass Control
Replacing Grass
St. Augustine Grass
Weed Control in St. Augustine Grass

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