1996 Horticultural Promotions for South Central Texas

Contact Dr. Jerry Parsons, Texas Cooperative Extension, for further details.

Information concerning the following new plant selections will be made available during the following time periods. These news releases are made to acquaint the public with new ornamentals that have been observed for several years and are reliable performers in the greater San Antonio area.

February, 1996

  • New 1996 Fruit and Vegetable Spring Gardening Tabloid, and
  • Parson's Archive the Texas Cooperative Extension Interactive Plant and Answer Service on the World Wide Web.

March, 1996

Texas Rose Verbena, Verbena x hybrida 'Texas Rose'
Blue Princess Verbena, Verbena x hybrida 'Blue Princess'

Verbena -- Queen of Summer Beauty

April, 1996

Persian Shield, Strobilianthos dyeranus

May, 1996

Phillipine Violet, Barleria cristata

Copper Plant, 'Copper Red'

June, 1996

Pentas 'Stars and Stripes'


July, 1996

New Hibiscus Cultivars

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