EARTH-KIND: What It's All About

A new age is dawning in America and around the world. It is an age of environmental awareness, the knowledge that we must act now - not tomorrow, not next week - to protect our environment.

To promote environmental awareness, the Texas Cooperative Extension has implemented the EARTH-KIND program. This program combines the best organic and traditional gardening principles to create a new horticultural system for the 1990s and beyond, a proven system based on real-world effectiveness and environmental responsibility.

Scientific studies show that by faithfully using EARTH-KIND gardening and landscaping techniques, you can enjoy success with your plants and protect our fragile environment. There is no magic, no miracle product, no secret formula involved; just sound, workable technology which can be easily understood and explained.

EARTH-KIND products and procedures offer all the opportunity to do their fair share to protect the environment. After all, each of us is and should be responsible for our own landscapes and gardens. If we do our fair share and practice environmentally responsible landscaping and gardening techniques, a major step will be taken toward ridding the world of the polluting effects of waste and contamination.


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