1. Q: I was digging a spot for a new hot box and found an almond tree sprout. I replanted the sprout (no roots were present) and it seems to be doing great. How do I maintain good growth to encourage the survival of this new tree, and when can I transplant it to reduce stress? (I would like to put it into a 10 inch pot since I am currently renting and would like to transfer it to my new home in a year or so).

A: I think I would try to put the almond sprout in a pot right now. It is not uncommon for sprouts to put out leaves. However, this does not mean it has rooted. It may just be living off of the stored food that was in the shoot. Carefully place it in a pot of well drained potting soil. Leave a little soil around the twig when you dig it up in case it has formed some roots. Keep it well watered, but not too wet! Too much water will kill it faster than not enough. And hope for the best. It may go ahead and root. If it grows over 6 - 10 inches than you know it has rooted.

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