1. Q: Why is my Japanese persimmon failing to set fruit?

A: Most likely due to poor pollination and/or environmental stress problems. It may be that your tree is setting fruit but the fruit aborts later. A single Japanese persimmon without pollination will set parthenocarpic or seedless fruit. any stress such as lack of water will cause many of the fruit to abort. Mulching and regular watering tend to reduce the problem. Cross pollination insures better set but results in seeded fruit.

2. Q: My friend was given a jar of what she called "Chapote Jelly" from a friend; it is made from the black wild persimmon. She would like to know the origin of the word chapote. Is this type of jelly made from the black wild persimmon or was she instead meaning chayote?

A: Hispanic pronunication of the "Sa" and "Za" sounds like "Ch". The lady is saying Sapote or Zapote (Zapote Negro refers to the "black jelly" made from the Mexican persimmon (Diospyros palmeri).

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