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Asiatic Jasmine

1. Q: I have about 500 sq. ft. of established Asian Jasmine in my front yard. I have about 800 sq. ft. of partially shaded area in my back yard that I want to cover with Asian Jasmine. I would like to propagate the front yard Asian Jasmine into 500-800 Asian Jasmine plants that can be planted in the back yard area. What is the best method for propagating these plants?

A: I would suggest that you take 12 inch by 12 inch squares out of your established planting. Use a sharp-shooter shovel and dig about a 3-5 inch root section with the foot square section -- much of the top growth can be removed for convenience but leave as much as possible. Leave a 12 inch section undisturbed on all sides of the section to be removed and fill in holes from which sections were removed with sand. Plug the back bed with the foot sections of Asian Jasmine and fertilize -water the planting from which the sections were removed. Both should cover and recover rapidly.

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