Ground Covers

Surface plants to cover ground area usually maintained at a height less than 18 inches. Ground cover plants should be vigorous, with dense foliage and a spreading habit so as to adequately cover soil areas. Ground covers should be evergreen and winter hardy and may be a vine or low shrub. Ground covers are often used in tight leftover areas so as to reduce lawn maintenance in such areas. Plant selections for ground covers should require little or no maintenance.

English IvyHedera helix.-shade
-likes moisture
-fast growing
-dense evergreen vine
-propagated from runners or cuttings
-harmless to trees
-varieties have varying size and color of leaf
AjugaAjuga reptans1-3 in.-shade or partial sun
-loamy well-drained soil
-fast growing evergreen
-blue flower spikes in spring
-good for rock gardens and recommended for small areas
-green, bronze or purple variegated varieties
-will overcrowd itself
-susceptible to crown rot and southern wilt
Confederate or
Star Jasmine
Trachelospermum jasminoides.sun or shade-fast growing evergreen
-twining vine
Dwarf Junipersnumerous varieties
ex.: Juniperus procumbens and Juniperous horizontalis "Bar Harbor"
-well-drained soil
-blue-green evergreen foliage
-dense growth
-good for rock gardens
-susceptible to red spider and bagworm
Trailing LantanaLantana sellowiana and other varieties.prefers sun-tolerates poor soil
-abundant lavender blooms all summer
-trailing type
LiriopeLiriope muscari.sun or shade-spike type foliage on plants which clump
-lavender-blue spike flowers in summer
-some varieties are variegated or have a double bloom
Monkey or Mondo
Ophiopogon japonicum.sun or shade-very hardy
-easy culture
PlumbagoPlumbago capensis3 ft.sun or semi-shade-vining characteristic
-blue flowers all summer into fall
-easy culture
-not winter hardy but returns in spring
Strawberry BegoniaSaxifrage decipiens-hugs ground
-likes moisture
shade or filtered sun-spreads by runners
-good in rock gardens
-rose colored foliage in winter
-recommended for small areas
-tends to die back if exposed to too much summer heat
Cast Iron PlantAspidistra2 ft.prefers shade-large coarse textured leaves
-variegated variety
-dies back with severe cold to return in spring
Purple Japanese HoneysuckleLonicera japonica
..-shrub with vining characteristics
-dense evergreen
-honeysuckle blooms in late spring or early summer
-purple foliage in fall and winter
-fast growing
Vinca, PeriwinkleVinca majorup to 18 in.shade or partial sun-fast growing evergreen
-twining vine
-blue flowers in late spring
-recommended for large areas, ditch banks, rock gardens, etc.
-variegated variety
Verbenavarious species.-demands sun
-good drainage
-vivid blooms
-various colors depending on variety
-not completely winter hardy
-susceptible to red spider, leaf miner and aphids
SilvermoundSenecio.sun-mounds of fine, textured silver or green depending on variety
-small heads of yellow blooms in mid to late summer
-fast growth
-may be damaged by cold but returns in spring
Dusty MillerSenecio cinerariaup to 30 in.full sun-summer flowering
-attractive silver-gray foliage
-fast growth
-may be damaged by cold but returns in spring
Moss PhloxPhlox subulata.sun or partial shade-low massive evergreen which creeps across the ground
-vivid pink blooms in early spring
-fast growth
-recommended for rock gardens, bed borders and small areas
Dwarf blue fescueFestuca ovina glauca.-demands sun
-well-drained soils
-rounded mounds of silver-gray grass
-fast growth
-good for rock gardens or interplanted in a rock ground cover
Winter Creeper or Creeping EuonymusEuonymus fortunei
and varieties
..-evergreen creeping character-rather sparse, thus does not provide a solid cover
-will often appear messy and unkempt
DayliliesHemerocallis.sun or semi-shade-forms dense clumps which provide rich summer blooms
-easy to culture numerous varieties
-fast growth
-susceptible to aphids

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