Medium to Large Shrubs

The selection and placement of these shrubs in the landscape will depend on their ultimate size and upon the plant's use in the landscape. For example, a shrub for screening should be 5 to 6 feet high and evergreen to provide a year-round screen; whereas, a medium sized shrub of 3 to 4 feet may be selected as a base planting to flank a bare wall of the home.

(height x width)
AbeliaAbelia grandiflora4-5 ft. x 3-4 ft.sun or semi-shade-fast growing evergreen
-pale pink to white, small tubular blooms May-0ctober
-glossy green foliage
-makes compact shrub when pruned
-straggly looking if unpruned
Althea, Rose of SharonHibiscus syriacus6-8 ft. x 4-5 ft.-sun or semi-shade
-prefers alkaline soil
-some moisture
-fast growing deciduous shrub
-white, pink, lavender to rose, single or double bloom in late spring and summer
-well-pruned hedge if maintained at 4-5 ft.
-gets scale insect
Indian AzaleaAzalea indica4-6 ft. x 4-6 ft.-sun or shade
-loose, well-drained acid soil
-mulch to preserve moisture
-medium-fast growing evergreen
-pink, rosy purple, salmon, white or orange blooms in late Feb. and March
-"Formosa"-most hardy; "Pride of Mobile"-more spreading
-gets flower and leaf blight and scale
-slight freeze damage
BambooBambusa6-8 ft.-sun or shade
-likes moisture
-fast growing, dense evergreen-often killed back by cold to return in spring
-objectionable root system
-must be controlled because of root runners
BarberryBerberis Thunbergi4-5 ft. x 4-5 ft.-sun
-good drainage
-medium growing semi-evergreen
-fine textured low, compact hedge
-"Atropurpureum"-purple variety
Bottle BrushCallistemon rigidus4-5 ft. x 4-5 ft.-sun
-needs little pruning
-slow growing evergreen
-spikes or bright orange and red flowers in March and scattered throughout summer
-"Lancelate"-tall variety
-damaged by severe cold, but comes back
Cherry LaurelPrunus caroliniana25-30 ft. x 18-20 ft.-easy-fast growing evergreen
-long clusters of small white flowers in early spring
-makes excellent tall, narrow hedge
-may be pruned severely
CleyeraCleyera Japonica5-7 ft. x 2 ft.-sun or shade-medium growing evergreen
-small white fragrant blooms in late spring-summer
-waxy, purple-cast foliage
-sparse shrub good for narrow, upright plantings
Eleagnus, Russian OliveEleagnus augustifolia8-10 ft. x 8-10 ft.-sun or shade
-requires room to grow
-more attractive when well pruned
-medium-slow growing evergreen
-small, fragrant silver white flowers in axis of leaf in April-May
-may be used on a bank or incline
-graceful, hanging character
Chinese EleagnusEleagnus Pungens15 ft. x 15 ft.-sun or shade
-easy culture
-more attractive when kept well pruned
-fast growing evergreen
-small, fragrant white flowers in summer
-leaves edged with yellow and white
EuonymusEuonymus japonicus6-8 ft. x 2 ft.-easy culture-fast growing evergreen
-variegated varieties with yellow or white markings
-good for tall, upright, narrow planting
-gets scale insects
Flowering PomegranatePunica granatum12-15 ft. x 12-15 ft.-prefers sun
-ample growing room
-medium-slow growing semi-evergreen
-bright orange flowers with fleshy petioles
-very showy in late spring and early summer
-shiny green, rather sparse foliage
-attractive copper new foliage in spring
Cape Jasmine GardeniaGardenia jasminoides5-7 ft. x 5-7 ft.-sun or shade
-acid soil
-needs mulch
-medium-fast growing evergreen
-very fragrant, white waxy flowers May-June and scattered throughout summer
-gets scale, white fly and sooty mold
-some winter damage during severe cold
Burford HollyIlex cornuta "Burfordii"10-15 ft. x 8-10 ft.-sun or shade
-acid soil
-medium growing evergreen
-large red berries fall-winter
-sexes are separate-males have no berries
Japanese QuinceChaenomeles lagenaria4-6 ft. x 4-6 ft.-sun or shade (best in sun)-fast growing deciduous shrub
-red, white, pink, orange blooms in early spring (Feb.)
-blooms appear before foliage
-careful and select pruning needed
Japanese YewPodocarpus macrophylla maki10-12 ft. x 2-3 ft.-sun or shade
-prunes to a neat dense shrub
-slow growing evergreen
-purple-gray fruit in late summer and fall
-good for narrow upright plantings
-"nagi"-erect and formal; "elongata"-flopping, weeping foliage and character
Pfitzer's JuniperJuniperus chinensis pfitzeriana4-5 ft. x 6-8 ft.-prefers sun
-good drainage
-medium-fast growing evergreen
-horizontal growth
-gets red spider and bagworm insects
Common JuniperJuniperus communis3 ft. x 6 ft.-sun
-good drainage
-medium-slow growing evergreen
-use for low hedge
-gets red spider and bagworm
Sylvesia JuniperJuniperus sylvestris15-20 ft. x 5 ft.-needs sun
-good drainage
-medium-slow growing evergreen
-good for tall dense hedge
-gets bagworm, red spider and rust disease
Blue Vase JuniperJuniperus chinensis "Blue Vase12-15 ft. x 8-10 ft.-sun
-good drainage
-fast growing evergeen
-good tall dense hedge
-gets red spider and bagworms
Primrose JasmineJasminum primulinum6-8 ft. x 6-8 ft.-prefers sun-fast growing evergreen
-fragrant, yellow flowers in late spring and through summer
-makes a large rounded mound
-good for ditch banks
LigustrumLigustrum japonicum15 ft. x 15 ft.-sun or shade-fast growing evergreen
-fragrant, creamy white flower clusters in April-May
-takes severe and continual pruning due to fast growth
-gets white fly insects and scale
Mock OrangePhiladelphus coronarius8-10 ft. x 6-8 ft.-prefers sun-medium-fast growing deciduous shrub
-white, 4 petal flowers with yellow center on long stems in April-May
-prunes readily
-pruning destroys natural form and causes more vigorous growth
NandinaNandina domestica4-5 ft.-sun or shade
-easy culture
-medium-slow growing evergreen
-white flower clusters in mid-late spring
-red berries in fall and winter
-good plant for a low hedge for a narrow planting space
OleanderNerium oleander10-15 ft. x 10-15 ft.-sun or shade
-will take salt conditions
-very fast growing evergreen
-white, lavender, pink, yellow, salmon and red flower clusters in April-May and scattered in summer and fall
-severe winter will kill to ground to return in spring
Redleaf PhotiniaPhotinia glabra12-15 ft. x 9 ft.-must have sun-medium-fast growing evergreen
-white flower clusters in March-April
-bright red-wine new growth when pruned
-susceptible to fireblight
PhotiniaPhotinia serrulata10-12 ft. x 10-12 ft.-best in sun-medium-slow growing evergreen
-white flower clusters in spring
-red berries in fall-winter
-dense, large leafed hedge
-susceptible to fireblight
PittosporumPittosporum tobira10-12 ft. x 15-18 ft.-easy culture
-readily pruned
-fast growing evergreen
-fragrant, cream white flowers in late spring
-variegated green/white variety
-may be pruned to form a medium sized shrub
-must have ample room for growth
Pineapple Guava, FeijoaFeijoa sellowiana10-12 ft. x 10-12 ft.-sun to partial shade
-will grow in dry conditions
-must have good drainage
-easily pruned to form compact planting
-medium-fast growing evergreen
-white with purple and red flower cluster in summer
-attractive gray-green foliage
Pyracantha, FirethornPyracantha unnamemisis10-12 ft. x 15+ ft.-sun or shade
-must have ample growing room
-readily pruned
-fast growing evergreen
-white flower clusters in April
-red or orange berries in fall and winter
-thorny branches make pruning difficult
-fleshy root system makes transplanting difficult
SasanquaCamellia sasanqua10-15 ft. x 3-5 ft.-sun or shade
-readily pruned
-well-drained soil
-medium-fast growing evergreen
-white, pink, dark rose flowers in Oct., Nov. or Dec. depending on variety
-very attractive
-good dense, tall upright hedge
-gets various scale and white fly insects and die-back disease
Popcorn, Bridal Wreath SpireaSpirea prunifolia plena3-5 ft. x 3-5 ft.-sun or shade
-does not like severe pruning
-medium-fast growing deciduous shrub
-many white rose-like flowers in late spring
-needs cold weather to bloom well
Reeve's SpireaSpirea Reevesiana5-7 ft. x 3-5 ft.-best in sun
-must have select pruning, not severe
-fast growing deciduous shrub
-showy, white flower clusters in March
-rounded weeping character often called Bridal Wreath
Baby's BreathSpirea thunbergi3-5 ft. x 3-5 ft.-likes sun
-does not require severe pruning
-fast growing deciduous shrub
-small, dainty white flowers in March-April
-fine textured
Texas Sage, CenizoLeucophyllum frutescens4-6 ft. x 4-6 ft.-sun
-good drainage
-medium growing evergreen
-red-wine blooms after rain during spring-fall
-graceful, fine textured plant
-will form a low, dense hedge or border
-attractive blue-gray foliage
ViburnumViburnum odoratissimum12-15 ft. x 12-15 ft.-sun or shade
-good drainage
-medium-fast evergreen
-white flower clusters in March
-requires ample growing room
ViburnumViburnum suspensum6-8 ft. x 6-8 ft.-sun or shade
-good drainage
-medium-fast growing evergreen
-small white flowers in spring
-lowest growing of the viburnums
ViburnumViburnum tinus8-10 ft. x 4-6 ft.-sun or shade
-good drainage
-medium growing evergreen
-pale white or pinkish flowers in spring
-good for narrow upright hedge
Wax MyrtleMyrica cerifera12-15 ft. x 12-15 ft.-sun or shade
-moist loose soil
-requires careful pruning so it will not be leggy for screening purposes
-fast growing evergreen
-native to East Texas
-must have ample growing room
-tends to become leggy at base or trunk
Texas Mountain Laurel, MescalbeanSophora secundiflora8-12 ft.-sun or semi-shade
-alkaline soil
-slow-fast growing evergreen
-fragrant lilac-purple blooms in late spring-early summer
-attractive foliage
-poisonous seed pod in late summer-fall
Pampus GrassCortaderia selloana5-6 ft. x 5-6 ft.-sun-fast growing semi-evergreen
-tall plumes of silver in early summer-winter
-becomes messy with age, not neat looking
BananaMusa6-10 ft. x 6-8 ft.-sun or shade-fast growing tropical evergreen
-pale pink blooms hidden among coarse foliage
-attractive foliage
-not winter hardy but returns in southern areas
-needs protection from wind and cold
French MulberryCallicarpa americana4-6 ft. x 4-6 ft.-sun or shade
-easy culture
-fast growing deciduous shrub
-bright purple clusters of berries in fall
-attracts birds
-native to North and East Texas
HydrangeaHydrangea macrophylla4-6 ft. x 4-6 ft.-best in shade in northern exposure
-moisture and well-drained soil
-medium-fast growing deciduous shrub
-large blue or pink flower clusters in summer
-prune when flowers fade
-acid soil-blue blooms; alkaline soil-pink blooms
Chinese HollyIlex cornuta6-8 ft. x 6-8 ft.-sun-medium growing evergreen
-red orange berries on female plants on old wood in fall and winter
-continual pruning will reduce berries
-dense plant
-more spiny foliage than Burford Holly
ForsythiaForsythia intermedia4-6 ft. x 4-6 ft.-sun or semi-shade-fast growing deciduous shrub
-yellow trumpet blooms in early spring on bare stems
-long, arching, graceful branches
Yucca, Spanish DaggerYucca aloifolia and others6-8 ft. x 6-8 ft.-sun or shade
-easy culture
-fast growing evergreen
-large terminal stalks of creamy white waxy blooms from early summer-fall
-good accent plant or tub planting
-has needle like foliage which stick
-may need support
-severe cold may freeze back
Chinese Rice Paper PlantTetrapanax papyriferus6-12 ft.-sun or shade in protected areas
-very fast growing tropical evergreen
-large panicles of creamy white blooms in late summer
-very attractive
-large foliage
-gives lush, tropical effect
-susceptible to cold but returns in spring in mild areas
-may be difficult to control due to underground runners

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