Small Shrubs

In recent years, plant breeders have introduced many new and outstanding small or dwarf shrubs. Modern landscapes call for these plants which maintain a small dwarf-like effect. Normally, a dwarf plant is one that generally does not exceed three feet in ultimate height. Most dwarf plants are adaptable to planter boxes and tub plantings, or in restricted areas.

Dwarf YauponIlex vomitoria nana2 ft. x 2 ft.sun or shade-fine textured evergreen
-does not produce berries
-medium to slow rate of growth
Dwarf BambooBambusa sasa pygara1 ft.sun or shade-evergreen
-spreading clumps
-winter hardy
Dwarf Purple-leaf BarberryBerberis1 ft. x 1 ft.sun (for good color)-medium rate of growth.
Dwarf SasanquaCamellia sasanqua.-semi- or partial shade (but will grow in full sun)
-prefers acid soil
-many good varieties
-fall and winter flowering
Holly FernCyrtomium falcatum18 in.-shade
-cool, well-drained soil
-hardy evergreen fern
-slow growth
-very good pot plant
Dwarf JunipersSeveral varieties.-sun
-well-drained soil
-low and compact
-attractive blue to silver foliage
-fine texture
-susceptible to spider mites and bagworm
LantanaSeveral varieties.sun-summer flowering
-yellow, orange, pink or white blossoms depending on variety
-fast growth
-winter kills but returns in spring
Dwarf PomegranatePunica granatum nana3-4 ft..-deciduous shrub
-fine texture
-small orange blooms in summer
-medium to slow rate of growth
AspidistraAspidistra elatior2 ft.prefers shade-leafy evergreen
-very rugged
-slow rate of growth
-winter kills but will return
Dwarf or Kurume AzaleasAzalea obtusum2-3 ft.-prefers shade
-acid soil
-many varieties
-slow growing evergreen
-spring flowering of pink, white, red and salmon flowers
-mulch to protect shallow roots
-must have loose organic soil
BoxwoodBuxus2-3 ft.sun or shade-slow growing evergreen
-will take severe clipping and pruning
-susceptible to nematodes
Cycad or Sago PalmCycas revoluta3-4 ft. x 3-4 ft.sun or shade (best in protected shaded areas)-evergreen
-very slow growing
-not completely winter hardy
-may need protection
Leather-leaf MahoniaMahonia bealii3-4 ft.shade-evergreen
-very slow growth
-clusters of yellow spiked blooms in fall
-bluish-purple berries in February or early spring
Dwarf NandinaNandina domestica.sun or shade-low, compact evergreen
-rich fall color
-easy, slow growing
Dwarf PyracanthaPyracantha "Tiny Tim"3 ft..-compact evergreen which is not as thorny as large Pyracantha
-rich red-orange berries in late fall until early spring
Indian or Yeddo HawthorneRaphiolepis umbellata ovata.sun or shade-many varieties
-slow growing evergreen
-clusters of soft pink, white, or bright pink blooms in late spring
FatsiaFatsia japonica3-4 ft.shade-coarse textured tropical evergreen
-medium-slow rate of growth
-may get scale insects
Dwarf YuccaYucca filamentosa2 ft.sun or shade-waxy-white blooms on long stock in late spring into summer.
Dwarf Chinese HollyIlex cornuta "Rotunda"3 ft.sun or shade-dense evergreen
-medium-slow rate of growth
-no berries
Dwarf HollyIlex cornuta rotendifolia..-very dwarf and compact.
AucubaAucuba japonica2-3 ft.shade-slow growing evergreen
-variegated varieties
-sometimes called "Gold Dust" plant
Purple Japanese HoneysuckleLonicera japonica chinensis2-3 ft.sun or partial shade-mounding type evergreen shrub
-fragrant honeysuckle blooms in late spring
-purple winter color
-fast growth

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