Climbing plants used on supports such as walls, fences, arbors, and trellises. Vines are an advantage in that they require less ground space, yet can provide attractive masses of bloom and/or foliage.

English IvyHedera helix and othersshade or partial sun-evergreen
-fast growth good for screening
Climbing FigFicus pumilasun or shade-often used on walls and flat surfaces
-vine lies flat
-fast growth
WisteriaWisteria sinensissun-deciduous
-fragrant lavender or white blooms in 6 to 12 in. clusters in late spring
-may be pruned to form large shrub or small tree
-fast growth often gets out of control
Carolina or Yellow JessamineGelsemium sempervirens.-twining semi-evergreen vine
-yellow trumpet blooms in spring
-climbs to high heights to reach the sun where it forms masses of foliage and bloom
-fast growth
-native to East Texas
Autumn ClematisClematis paniculatasun with roots in shade (if possible)-forms large masses of foliage and small clusters of white blooms in late summer and fall
-fast growth
-one of the only Clematis which does well in the lower south
-provide good support and mulch root area
Confederate or Star JasmineTrachelospermum jasminoidesprefers moist loamy soil-evergreen twining vine
-white star-shaped blooms in early summer are fragrant
-susceptible to scale and white-fly
Cypress VineQuamoclit pinnatalikes sun-annual twining vine which reseeds to return each year
-very fine textured foliage
-fast growing
-red or white small trumpet blooms in summer
Potato VineDioscereaprefers sun-grown for foliage effect
-fast growth
-dies in winter to return in spring
FatshedraFatshedra lizeishade or partial sun (prefers sun)-a cross between Fatsia and English Ivy
-hardy evergreen
-leaning type vine
-large coarse textured leaves
-fast growth
Rosa De Montana, Coral VineAntigonon leptopus.-very vigorous late summer blooming vine
-vivid pink clusters on yellow-green foliage
-will climb to 30 ft. in one growing season
-dies in winter to return in spring
Evergreen SmilaxSmilax lanceolata.-very rugged evergreen vine
-grown for foliage effect
-spreads by underground tubers
Virginia CreeperParthenocissus quinquefolia.-fast growing deciduous vine
-shows rich, red fall color
-clings to walls or trellis
-easy culture
-native to North and East Texas
Snailseed or Moonseed Vine..-delicate native vine of North and East Texas
-displays clusters of rich, red berries in fall and early winter
Common Trumpet CreeperCampsis radicansdemands sun-clinging vine which grows to great heights
-displays large orange-red trumpets of blooms throughout summer
-easy and fast growth
-native to most of Texas
-"Madam Galen" improved variety
Hyacinth BeanDolichos lablab.-non-woody twining vine
-purple foliage, pinkish-lavender blooms in summer and fall
-purple seed pods in the fall
-very fast growing
-freezes back in winter to return in spring
-not a dense vine
Coral or Red-honeysuckleLonicera sempervirens.-evergreen twining vine
-abundant red trumpet blooms in late spring
-not as vigorous as common honeysuckle, thus not a pest
-fast growth
-native to East Texas

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