Long Day Varieties

Long Day onions grow better in northern states because they need 14 to 16 hours of daylight to bulb satisfactorily. Long day varieties generally have a more pungent flavor than short day. They also store better. (Walla Walla is an exception to this rule.)

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Walla Walla

The pride of Washington State! A sweet, long-day, yellow onion that makes large bulbs in northern and midwestern states. Does not store as well as other long-day varieties.


Available in white or yellow. Both produce onions weighing up to three lbs. each. These are our best onions for northern gardeners. Good separation and durability of rings makes them great for fried onion rings.

First Edition

Best long term storage onion. Especially flavorful for cooked and baked recipes. High-yielding variety produces uniform globe-shaped bulbs, with creamy-yellow flesh. Developed for northern and northeastern areas.