Short Day Varieties

"Short Day" onions are recommended for southern states where temperatures are normally warmer year round. The "short day" varieties will start making bulbs early in the year when there are only 10 to 12 hours of daylight. Because they have a higher concentration of water as opposed to solid fiber content, they do not store well and should be eaten fresh.

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1015Y Texas SuperSweet

Gets as big as softballs! This variety produces very appealing globe-shaped jumbos and colossals. This yellow, early-maturing onion is recommended for southern and midwest gardeners.

It is very disease resistant and will store better than other short day onions.

Yellow Granex (Vidalia)

Sweet as an apple! This variety was made famous by the onion-growing area in and around Vidalia, Georgia. It is the earliest-maturing variety available, and is recommended for southern growers.

This thick, flat bulb is best when eaten raw. Yellow Granex does not store well. It is sometimes known as the Maui or Noonday.

White Granex

White Vidalia Type. This variety has the same characteristics as the yellow variety, but with a pearly-white flesh. It is also recommended for southern growers. Sometimes known as the Miss Society.

White Bermuda

An old gardening favorite! Great for bunching or for eating raw. White Bermuda bulbs are extremely mild. They are thick, flat bulbs that grow best in southern areas.

White Bermuda onions do not store well. Also known as the Crystal Wax.