Bald Cypress

1. Q: I have two 15 feet tall bald Cypress in my yard. On the edge of some of the branches there is a growth that looks like cotton about 3/8 to 1/2 in diameter. Someone told me that they are bagworms. My questions are:

1. Could these be bagworms and how can I check?
2. If they are, how do I treat the tree?
3. How do I prevent further infestation?

A: The insect problem you describe is webworms not bagworms. Bagworms are on junipers and are in hard, conical-shaped bags or cocoons. Webworms are in spider-web type bundles and are usually worse on pecans. I have never seen them on any cypress but I guess it is possible. Cypress is not a preferred tree for them so that could explain the small webs. Look in the webs and see if you see small, fuzzy tan worms. If the worms are there you can use any insect larvae insecticide such as diazinon, malathion, orthene, or Bt-containing insecticides such as Dipel or Thuricide. READ AND FOLLOW LABEL INSTRUCTIONS!!! Or you can physically remove the webs or carefully burn them out. Be sure to examine the webs to see if you see living, moving worms; they could have molted and left the "nest". Spraying then would obviously be a waste of time.

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