Bradford Pear

1. Q: We have five beautiful thriving Bradford Pear trees planted approximately ten feet apart in a row. They are three years old. My concern--we have never had any fall color in the leaves or any flowers in the springtime. Should we be doing something to promote these changes? My second question concerns our Indian Hawthorne shrubs. They are the Ballerina variety and are planted in amended soil and receive full sun. They too have not ever flowered (in three years) during the springtime. Do you have any idea what we might be doing wrong?

A: There is nothing you can do to make these plants flower profusely or have a beautiful fall color. The weather (winter temperature and fall moisture-temperature) is soley responsible. If Indian Hawthornes are in dense shade they will never bloom as profusely but by the sounds of your Bradford pear tree behavior, I would bet that you have not had the right combination of weather variables to favor bloom and fall color.

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