Tomato Variety Trials- Spring 2006 z
Variety of Tomato Seed source Tastey Comments
Seminis 2.7
Good plant and foliage; excellent fruit
Seminis 3.3
Very determinate; good fruit set; heat setter
Seminis 3.9
Good fruit set and foliage; some small fruit (heat set)
Harris Moran 2.4
Good fruit set; medium size; some small fruit (heat set)
BHN 3.4
Good fruit set and foliage; no small fruit
Seminis 2.9
Super foliage; dark green.  Limited fruit set
Harris Moran 3.3
Beautiful foliage; limited fruit
Seminis 4.2
Good foliage; late maturing
Syngenta 2.3
Good fruit set and foliage; some small fruit
Seminis 5.5
Good plant and fruit set



A & M 6.1
Small, but lots of fruit.  Best heat setter; limited foliage
A & M 2.0
Good foliage; very limited fruit; good taste
Harris Moran 1.7
Grape tomato; great taste

z Field hailed out in early spring; plants recovered nicely but limited fruit
y Average of 7 samples 1=best, 10=poor