Jerusalem Artichoke

Q. Does Jerusalem artichoke do well in Texas?

A. Definitely. The Jerusalem artichoke is a hardy, tuber- bearing member of the sunflower family which grows extremely well in all areas of Texas. Plant whole or cut pieces of the tubers much like potatoes. Tubers left in the soil to overwinter, if not harvested in the spring, will grow new plants. If left unchecked, Jerusalem artichokes may become undesirable weeds and take over the garden area. They should be planted in rows 3 feet apart with the final spacing 15 to 18 inches apart in the row.

Q. When are Jerusalem artichokes ready to be harvested?

A. Jerusalem artichokes planted in the spring are generally ready during the fall. Harvest them after heavy frost in the fall or before new growth begins in the early spring. The tubers are crisper and sweeter after fall frost and especially after remaining in the soil until early spring.

Q. Is it true that Jerusalem artichokes are a good source of inulin?

A. Yes. The carbohydrate inulin is found in Jerusalem artichoke tubers.

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