Q. What is Celeriac?

A. Celeriac, also called turnip rooted celery or knob celery, is grown for its globular root which has a celery-like flavor. It is usually about 4 inches in diameter at maturity.

Q. Where can Celeriac be successfully grown?

A. If you can grow celery in your garden, you can grow Celeriac. It requires approximately 200 days from seeding to maturity although the root is edible at any earlier stage.

Q. How do you use Celeriac?

A. Leaves can be harvested from the Celeriac at any time. Pull up the roots to use when desired, usually when they are about the size of a baseball. The root must be peeled before use. Celeriac is usually eaten cooked rather than raw.

Celeriac (Celery Root)

Description - This vegetable is cultivated for its root or base instead of for its stalk or leaves. It is a light brown, bulb-type root.

Culture - Celeriac is grown like celery except that blanching is not required.

Selection - Harvest celeriac that is small since the smaller celeriac will be more tender and less woody. Trim roots and tops and store in refrigeration at 32 degrees F. with high humidity.

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