Q. Are collard greens highly nutritious?

A. Collard greens are extremely nutritious because they have a high content of vitamins A and C. The taste is similar to, but richer than that of cabbage. A light frost near harvest time enhances the flavor of collard greens.

Q. When harvesting collard greens, should you harvest only the older, mature leaves or pull up the entire plant?

A. Although collard greens can be harvested both ways, maximum yields result if the leaves from the bottom of the plant are harvested before they become too old. The first harvest generally occurs when the plants are about 60 days old.

Q. The foliage on my collard plants developed a yellow area and white, downy growth underneath. This foliage quickly turned yellow and became brittle.

A. This is downy mildew. It is controlled with a collard-approved fungicide. Repeat applications at 14-day intervals.

Q. The stems of my collard plants rot once foliage is removed. The decayed area smells foul.

A. This is bacterial soft rot which enters through the broken areas where the leaves were removed. This can be controlled with a spray of Kocide 101 or copper bordeaux at harvesting.

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