Q. When should parsley be planted in my garden?

A. Parsley requires 70 to 90 days from seed to a harvestable plant. Plant in the late fall for winter harvest or in late winter for spring and early summer harvest.

Q. Can a single planting of parsley be harvested for more than 1 year?

A. Yes. Parsley is a biennial which means it grows a plant the first year and sends up a seed stalk or flowers the second year. If grown in an area protected from excessively hot temperatures or excessively cold temperatures, parsley can be harvested well into the second year. When a flower stalk is initiated, remove it and continue harvesting the mature leaves. If parsley is forced to grow for long periods at temperatures above 90 degrees F., growth is greatly reduced and death may occur. Parsley is cold hardy and can overwinter in most areas. If planted too early in the spring, cold temperatures may cause it to send up a flower stalk during its first season of growth.

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