Description - Salsify is called oyster plant due to its faint oyster-like flavor. It is grown for its edible root which is white, long and slender often reaching a length of 10 to 12 inches. The young shoots or leaves are often called "chards" and are field blanched and eaten in salads. Culture - Salsify is planted from seed in the early spring and harvested after the first hard freeze in the fall. Adequate moisture and fertility during the growing season is necessary if high quality roots are to be produced.

Availability - Salsify is not a common item in most retail grocery outlets in Texas. It is not grown commercially anywhere in the U.S. due to poor demand by consumers. It is a fairly common garden item.

Selection - Select roots that appear to be tender and free of defects. Roots that are over mature will be tough and woody so avoid those that are over-sized.

Storage - With the tops removed, salsify roots will keep for extended periods of time when placed in the refrigerator. Ideal storage conditions are 33 to 35 degrees. F. and 90 percent humidity.

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