Description - New bush edible soybean (Soya hispida ) produce excellent green shell beans. Pods grow in clusters of large beans, usually 3 to a pod. U.S.D.A. tested some varieties for protein content and found some to contain as much as 39 per cent. Commercially produced soybean varieties do not have the same quality as the varieties which are considered to be the edible types.

Culture - Sow in late spring for outdoor cropping and winter to early spring for greenhouse growing. Soybeans are a legume and can be inoculated with a special nitrogen-fixing (takes nitrogen from the air) bacteria that is dusted on the seed prior to planting. In the greenhouse use a population density of 25 plants per 9 square feet and 3 or 4 plants per foot of row. Plant seed no deeper than two inches in beds or hills. Seed thrive in warmer soils. Sow every two weeks for a constant supply throughout the summer. Selection - Half-mature podded edible soybeans are used for a relish for beer. Bean pods are harvested for clusters of large beans, usually 3 to a pod. Beans may be dried for sprouting or winter use. For easy shelling, put in boiling water for a few minutes.

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