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Cattleya Orchid, Easter Orchid, Christmas Orchid
Cattleya sp.


Large, showy, fragrant flowers on an upright stem modification called a pseudobulb; leaves are large, thick, leathery, and ridged. Flowers occur in racemes, have petals that are broader than the sepals, and a 3-lobed lip. Lateral lobes form a tube.

Plant Form or Habit: spreading

Plant Use: rotational color


Flower Color: white, pink, yellow, purple

Blooming Period: spring fall

Height: 2 feet

Width: 2 feet

Foliage Texture: coarse

Heat Tolerance: medium

Water Requirements: medium

Additional Comments: Grow epiphyte in shredded osmuda fiber or bark to insure drainage; allow plant to rest after flowering; allow soil to dry slightly between waterings except when in bloom.


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