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Pennockii Aralia
Polyscias balfouriana 'Pennockii'


A compact shrub, in cultivation. Green stems are speckled with gray. Trifoliate leaves have large (4-in.) cordate-ovate leaflets slightly cupped, and crenate margins. Coloration varies from creamy-white to pale green, with dark green margins.

Plant Form or Habit: arborial

Plant Use: medium foliage pot plant

Exposure: high

Flower Color: inconspicuous

Blooming Period:

Height: 5 to 6 feet

Width: 3 feet

Foliage Texture: medium

Heat Tolerance: high

Water Requirements: medium

Additional Comments: This plant prefers high humidity. Water deeply and allow to dry slightly before watering again. Humidity can be enhanced by setting pot on a humidity tray.


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