On-Line Analysis for Water Conservation and
Surface & Groundwater Contamination

The potential for water conservation and/or the contamination of surface and groundwater contamination from irrigation runoff, are important issues impacting the Texas GREEN Industry. Implementing water conserving best management practices can significantly increase potential water savings. These practices can also decrease the risk of surface and groundwater contamination from irrigation runoff containing fertilizers and pesticides.

Understanding the factors that contribute to water conservation and contamination can greatly help producers manage these problems. An important step in this process is to carefully evaluate your growing operation in an effort to identify potential areas where improvements may be made. This information can then be used to develop short and long term management tactics to conserve water, reduce irrigation runoff, and protect our valuable natural resources.

Conducting an On-Line Analysis:
The questions posed in the On-Line Analysis cover many of the basic factors to be considered when evaluating water management. Obviously, not all of these questions will pertain to every growing operation. Also there may be additional factors to consider which are not addressed in this format.

Participants are encouraged to select the answer to each question which most accurately describes your operation. Based on this input you will receive an electronic report which summarizes results. In addition the On-Line Assessment will provide a conservation/ contamination estimate, ranking the potential for implementing best management practices, with potential action areas highlighted.

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