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The following Web links provide additional information concerning water and water conservation for the GREEN industry.

Center for Irrigation Technology An institute at California State University at Fresno that has educational resources for irrigation efficiency and best management practices

SaveWater - Australia An Australian .com Web site funded by a number of industries including the Nursery Industry Association of Victoria.

Irrigation System Selection for Container Nurseries
An extension leaflet from the University of Florida that compares the water use efficiency of several commonly used nursery irrigation systems, including overhead sprinklers, microirrigation, and subirrigation.

Efficiencies of Irrigation Systems Used in Florida Nurseries
An extensions leaflet from the University of Florida that describes the efficiencies of water use as well as factors that affect this efficiency. The inefficiencys of each type of irrigation system is described.

Soil Plant Water Relationships
An extensions leaflet from the University of Florida that describes the abilities of different types of soils to absorb an hold water.

Reed Beds Clean-up Nursery Run-off
Article from the Nursery Papers funded by the Nursery Industry Levy in Australia. It explains one method for treating Nursery water run-off using reeds.

Water Wells for Florida's Irrigation
This is an extensions leaflet from the University of Florida that describes the construction, testing and development of Wells.

Arizonia Department of Water Resources
The Arizonia Department of water resource is involved in a number of water conservation projects. For example, rain water collection, recycling water, ground water management and well maintanence.

Efficient Water Use In Landscapes and Nurseries
The University of New Hampshire Extensions publication that lays out some methods for conserving water in Nurseries and in landscapes.

Texas Water Development Board
The Texas Water Development Board is responsible for the water management of Texas. There are several publications about water conservation and water use.

Irrigating on a schedule and water management
University of Florida extensions leaflet that describes using irrigating schedules to conserve water usage. Watering with specific plant requirments in mind and using soil and evapotranspiration estimations to get the most use out of the water.

Capturing and Recycling Irrigation Runoff
Oklahoma State University website dealing with nursery runoff and the different methods of recycling the water depending on the nursery size and price estimation to implement these systems.

Nursery Water Management
University of Florida's extension website with publications database. Contains several publications about Nursery Water Management and Irrigation practices in the state of Florida.

Water Management
Article describing water management history, planning, irrigation methods and design factors.

OSU Water Management Articles
Oklahoma State University Division of Agriculture Sciences and Natural Resources Department. This website contains several articles describing best management practices for water, water quality handbooks, irrigation water measurement, and irrigation systems.

EPA Irrigation management efficiency and a feasibility of water recyling
South Australian Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) case study of one nursery implementing irrigation management efficiency and water recyling. Includes prices of implementation, how they analysed the nurseries needs, and how they implemented the needed changes.

Water Use Tricks
Article that tells some tips on how to conserve water in the greenhouse environment. For example, measuring water use to determine any waste.

American Water Works Association
The American Water Works Association offers education, training and conferences about water and how to mange and save it. The Association mainly caters to water professionals.

Australian Government; Department of the Environment an dHeritage Australian Greenhouse Office
Australian Government website dealing with greenhouse issues like water efficiency.

Water Resource Management Branch
Water Resource Management Branch
Government of British Columbia Ministry of agriculture and Lands Resource Management. This website contains publications and conceptual plans about wate management, irrigation, drainage, and farm water supply.

Recycling Nursery Runoff
Oklahoma Cooperative Extensions services article detailing advantages and disadvantages of implementing a water recycling program and how to manage it.

Nursery and farm case studies of water conservation
United Kingdom government article of several farms and how they implemented water conservation techniques and the outcome of these practices.

New Techniques for Monitoring Drip Irrigation Water Use Effieciency, Drainage, and Leachate in Container Nurseries
The Society for engineering in agriculture, food, and biological systems article writen for a presentation at the 2004 ASAE/CSAE Annual International Meeting in Otawa, Ontario, Canada. This article describes a Pot-in-Pot method for growing trees to reduce water loss through drainage, and evaporation.

The Society for engineering in agricultural, food and biological systems
This website is the home page for the society with access to their technical papers database. To gain full access to the technical papers you must be a member.

Recycling Irrigation Water in Nurseries/Greenhouses: Innovative Approaches to Disease Control
South Australian Research and Development government website. This article describes several water recycling methods to achieve disease free water.

South Australian Research and Development Governmental Publications Website
South Australian Research and Development government website. This website contains a publications database with several agricultural topics.

TX Water Development Board TX Cooperative Extension TX Nursery & Landscape Assoc.