TAEX Plant Disease Diagnostic Laboratory:
Diagnosing  plant diseases is one  of the most important  aspects of greenhouse production.  It is also one of the most  difficult.  The  Texas  Disease Diagnostic Lab can assist you  with  problems relating to plant diseases.  It is equipped with some of the most advanced  diagnostic tools available, as well as  an  outstanding group of specialists to handle them.

Click here for a printable Disease Diagnostic form.

REMEMBER, the most expensive treatment you can apply is the  one that does not work.  Know what you are treating before you make a pesticide  application!

Plant Disease Diagnostic Lab
Rm. 101, L.F. Peterson Bldg.
Texas A&M University
College Station, TX    77843
(409) 845-8032

TAEX Water Testing Laboratory:
Water  quality  is  one of the most  critical  factors  affecting greenhouse  and  nursery production.  To monitor the  quality  of your water, we encourage you to take advantage of TAEXís Soil and Water Testing Lab.  Results from the Lab are usually returned within 1- 2  weeks after being submitted.  Included with  the  quantitative values is an interpretation of water use suitability.

The TAEX Soil and Water Testing Laboratory also conducts titration curves to determine the appropriate amount of acid required to reduce pH to an acceptable level for maximum nutrient availability (see table below).

For more information contact the Lab at:  (409) 845-4816


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