Galveston County TX Master Gardener Publications

Alcestis (Cooky) Oberg, Galveston County Master Gardener, former Vice President of Publications

Our prize-winning full-color Galveston County Master Gardener Publications are all available as free downloads on the internet: Galveston County Master Gardener Website

The books are mostly geared for the Gulf Coast and are very readable, though a few are of very great use for the general public, for example: (A Bilingual Guide to Yard Care (Spanish/English). They all feature clear fun-to-read writing, comprehensive and accurate coverage of the subject, and great color photos. Also, these books fill gaps in the horticulture literature available at our bookstores, which are often too general for our specific climate and soil conditions. The newest have recently won awards at this April's 2010 Master Gardener Convention.

Our Edible Landscape
Book "Our Edible Landscape"

They include:

Information on how to obtain hard copies of these gorgeous books is included on our webpage.

The books have all won first or second prizes for excellence in publication from the Texas Master Gardener Association. Gardening experts on the radio have also mentioned them in glowing terms, and experts throughout the region have praised them too.

However, since the books are sometimes sold out, we thought the free downloads from the internet would be a wonderful way for our master gardener association to fulfill its mission of educating the public and sidestep the problem of short supply.

If you have any questions, feel free to call the Galveston County Agrilife Extension Office at: 281-534-3413.

Cheers, Cooky Oberg, former Vice President of Publications for the Galveston County Master Gardeners

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