Answering Questions About Mushroom Production


Extension Agents and Specialists sometimes receive inquiries about the hows and whys of mushroom production and may be uncertain about referral sources for information on the web. One useful source, according to Dr. Brian D. Shaw, Associate Professor of Fungal Biology, Department of Plant Pathology, Texas A&M University, is the commercial venture called Fungi Perfecti, LLC (

This company is housed in the Pacific Northwest, and has an extensive range of cultivation tools available for sale, including glassware, inoculation tools, books, humidifying apparatus, a poster listing mushroom toxicities and other items.

The Online Mushroom Information Center gives information on how interested beginners can learn the sterile cultural skills needed to grow good mushrooms from spawn to the finished product. There are periodic workshops available in Olympia, Washington, for those interested in further perfecting their abilities to run a mushroom operation. The founder of the company, Paul Staments, is the author of several published works on the propagation and identification of mushrooms and has done extensive research on species found in the old-growth forests of the Pacific Northwest.

Images of some mushroom species are available to view on the website.

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