Keys to Proper Landscape and Garden Watering

By Dr. Douglas F. Welsh, Professor & Extension Horticulturist
Texas AgriLife Extension Service, College Station, TX.

In a few months we will be in the midst of another hot Texas summer, one coming on the heels of last year's poor rainfall record. Properly watering plants during the summer tends to be one of the most confusing and misunderstood gardening chores. Often, ardent gardeners do not recognize inadequate watering until it is too late and plants are badly damaged or dead.

'How often should I water?' and 'How much should I apply?' are a couple of the most-often asked questions from gardeners. Since water is both essential for healthy plant growth and often costly to apply in quantity during the summer, it is important to get it to the plant's roots efficiently and keep it there.

The following are several suggestions for easier and more effective watering. These techniques apply to all gardening, from shade and fruit trees and vegetable gardens to lawns and house plants.

For plants to thrive during the upcoming summer months, they will need plenty of water, but equally important is properly applying the much needed water.

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