Why Garden? The National Garden Bureau's Top Ten Reasons

Janet Kieft, the National Garden Bureau

Cell phones, PDA's, and MP3 players have become the tools of our modern lives. But it wasn't that long ago that a shovel, a patch of soil and a bag of seeds were the only tools needed to provide sustenance and satisfaction. Gardening was a part of daily life. Ask any gardener today who they garden and you'll get a variety of reasons why it's important to them.

Cigar Plant, Cuphea macropetala
Cigar Plant, Cuphea macropetala

The National Garden Bureau encourages you to discover your own reason to become a gardener. And forget that excuse about not having enough time. Gardening takes less time than that new television show and is much easier than getting a new video game to work on your computer. Whatever reason appeals to you, gardening is a satisfying activity that provides a lifetime of benefits.

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