Kong™ Series Coleus (Solenostemon scutellarioides)

Dr. Dr. Mengmeng Gu, Assistant Professor & Ornamental Specialist
Texas AgriLife Extension Service
Kong 'Salmon Pink' coleus
'Kong Salmon Pink' coleus

For gardeners---- Kong series coleus is an annual with very attractive foliage that grows well under shade to partial sun. Its extremely large foliage sets it apart from the other coleus.

There are seven colors in the series: green----green leaf with slight cream veining and markings; mosaic---different pattern of bright green; shades of red and cream; red---red center with strong veining and bright green edge; scarlet---tri-color pattern with a scarlet center surrounded by a deeper burgundy and an irregular green outer edge; rose---rose center surrounded by a bright green edge; and salmon pink--- red center with salmon pink veining and bright green edge.

Kong coleus provides constant color in the shade with large colorful leaves. Prune flowers spikes appearing at the end of summer to have a longer show of the foliage. Kong coleus can be used for mass planting or in containers. When used in combination planters, Kong coleus performs the best when planted near the outside of the container.

For growers---- Supplied as pelleted seeds only; germination container: 288-cell or larger plug tray; germination temperature: 72-75 °F; cover with vermiculite; light not necessary for germination until radicle emergence; days to germinate: 4-5; keep ammonium levels below 10 ppm; sowing media: pH 5.5-5.8, EC 0.75 mmhols/cm with 1:2 extraction; growing day/night temperature: 72-75°F/62-65 °F; crop time from plugs: 6-7 weeks; recommended container: 4"; finish: 5" to gallon containers; pinching not needed, which results in smaller leaves and delay market time.

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