Lawn and Garden Update
April 2000
Lawn and Garden Update is a publication of the Departments of Soil and Crop Sciences & Horticultural Sciences, Texas Agricultural Extension Service, The Texas A&M University System, College Station, Texas.
Contributing Editors: Drs. Gene R. Taylor, William C. Welch, and Douglas F. Welsh

Dr. William C. Welch, Editor for April 2000

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Moonflowers and Morning Glories, Ipomoea, By Cynthia W. Mueller
Lawn Care , By Joe Provey
‘Top Eight’ Crape Myrtle Cultivars , By Allen D. Owings and Gordon E. Holcomb
Time to Plant Caladiums , By William D. Adams
Our Vegetables’ Ancestors Were Also Foreigners , By Dr. William M. Johnson
Garden Checklist for April 2000, By Dr. William C. Welch

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