Lawn and Garden Update
March 2000
Lawn and Garden Update is a publication of the Departments of Soil and Crop Sciences & Horticultural Sciences, Texas Agricultural Extension Service, The Texas A&M University System, College Station, Texas.
Contributing Editors: Drs. Gene R. Taylor, William C. Welch, and Douglas F. Welsh

Douglas F. Welsh, Editor March 2000

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Texas Mountain Laurel, By Dr. William C. Welch
Weed Control in Turf, By Dr. Richard L. Duble
Louisiana Iris, By Dr. William C. Welch
Propagating Pecans, By Dr. George Ray McEachern
Pruning Peach Trees, By George Ray McEachern, Larry Stein, Nancy Roe, Marty Baker
Search for These Texas Varieties

Seasonal Color: Care and Management, By Dr. Don C. Wilkerson
Garden Checklist for March 2000, By Dr. William C. Welch

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