Texas Cooperative Extension,
Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas

April, 2006

Agents' PowerPoint Presentations

Dr. Doug Welsh, Professor & Landscape Horticulturist

A useful collection of PowerPoint programs is available for use by extension agents and Master Gardener speakers on the password-protected aggie-horticulture website (https://aggie-horticulture.tamu.edu/extension/agents/). If you wish to access these and do not already have a password into the 'Agents Only' area of the website, contact Dr. Dan Lineberger at d-lineberger@tamu.edu.

Power Point Presentations On The 'Agent Only' Site (access through local County Extension Agent)

General Subjects

Safety in the Garden - Sarah Lineberger

Snakes in the Garden - Lee Freeland, Jefferson County Master Gardener, Vince Mannino, Jefferson County CEA-Horticulture, edited by Carol Brouwer

Edible Flowers for the Home Landscape - Vince Mannino, Jefferson County, ed. by Carol Brouwer

Master Gardener Chapter 4 - Diagnosing and Managing Plant Problems - Doug Welsh

Managing Volunteers for Maximum Impact and Minimum Conflict - Doug Welsh

Texas Seeds for the Future - Dale Safrit and Doug Welsh, coordinators of the North Carolina and Texas Master Gardener programs

Container Gardening - Sarah Lineberger

Gardening with Children - Sarah Lineberger

Botany for Master Gardeners (Line drawings used with permission of Dr. David Reed) - Carol Brouwer

Composting - Carol Brouwer

Herbs - Carol Brouwer

Southern Landscape Plants for Holiday Decorations - Carol Brouwer

Fruit and Nuts
Citrus for the Golden Triangle - B. L. Childers, Vince Mannino, ed. Carol Brouwer

Growing Fruits and Nuts in the South - Tom LeRoy

Vegetable Gardening

Things You Should Know to Enhance Success in Gardening - Frank Dainello, Vegetable Specialist Emeritus

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Tomatoes - Tom LeRoy

Peppermania - Carol Brouwer

Common Sense Vegetable Gardening for the Texas Gulf Coast - Tom LeRoy

Common Sense Vegetable Gardening in the Fall - Tom LeRoy

Commercial Vegetable Production

Drip Irrigation: Requirements & Use - Frank Dainello, Larry Stein

Crop Rotation - Frank Dainello TAMU Rainfall Capture System - Frank Dainello

Home Landscaping

Leaf Management: Fall Chores Made Easier - Reggie Lepley

Turf and Trees in Fort Bend County - Sarah Lineberger

Xeriscape - Carol Brouwer

Fall Turf Cultural Practices - Carol Brouwer

Landscape Design I - The Design Process - Carol Brouwer

Landscape Design II - Principles and Elements of Landscape Design - Carol Brouwer

Water Smart Landscapes - Anse Windham, MG Coordinator for Kleberg County

Plant Propagation

Plant Propagation Workshop - Tom LeRoy

Plant Propagation - Leaf Cuttings of African Violets - Tom LeRoy

Plant Propagation - Begonia Leaf Cuttings - Tom LeRoy

Plant Propagation - Cleft Grafting Citrus - Tom LeRoy

Plant Propagation - Growing Ferns from Spores - Tom LeRoy

Plant Propagation - Inverted T-Budding of Citrus - Tom LeRoy

Plant Propagation - Seed Germination - Tom LeRoy

Plant Propagation - Self Watering Propagator - Tom LeRoy

Plant Propagation - Simple Division - Tom LeRoy

Plant Propagation - Simple Layering - Tom LeRoy

Plant Propagation - Soda Bottle Propagator - Tom LeRoy

Plant Propagation - Soda Bottle Propagator: Roses - Tom LeRoy

Plant Propagation - Dan Lineberger

Ornamental Plants

Companion Plants for EarthKind Roses - Steve Huddleston, Senior Horticulturist, Ft. Worth Botanical Garden

EarthKind Landscape Roses - Kim Engler, Landry Lockett, Steve George and Cynthia McKenney

Best Trees, Shrubs, Vines and Groundcovers for the Golden Triangle - Vince Mannino, ed. by Carol Brouwer

The Texas Superstars - Carol Brouwer

Hardy Palms for South East Texas - Tom LeRoy

Landscape Maintenance and Construction

The Landscape Maintenance and Construction slide set was created by Dr. Michael Arnold, Professor of Horticulture, Texas A&M University for his course HORT 425 of the same name.

Permission is given to use these slides in teaching, Extension and other public outreach education settings for nonprofit purposes only. All information is copyrighted by Michael Arnold. Permission to reproduce the information and images in books and other for-profit ventures must be obtained in writing from Michael Arnold, mailto:maarnold@ tamu.edu.

An Introduction to the Texas Landscape Industry

Interpreting Landscape Plans

Interpreting Landscape Documents

Landscape Bidding and Estimating

Government & Regulatory Concerns for Landscape Firms

Personnel Management

Soils & Fertilizers in the Landscape

Site Analysis, Grading and Drainage

Impacts of Site Development on In Situ Plants

Irrigation System Design, Installation and Maintenance

Construction Techniques: Wood

Construction Techniques: Brick

Construction Techniques: Stone

Construction Techniques: Concrete

Construction Techniques: Decks & Arbors

Turfgrass Selection & Installation

Turfgrass Maintenance

Bed Preparation, Plant Selection & Planting Pruning & Wound Care

Integrated Pest Management

IPM Educational Materials - Carlos Bogran

List edited - 9/30/05

Earth Kind uses research-proven techniques to provide maximum gardening and landscape performance while preserving and protecting the environment. For more information on Earth Kind Landscape Management Practices see our web site: https://earthkind.tamu.edu