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L. dentata 'Desdemona' flowering is profuse.

L. dentata prefers cool, moist conditions.

Leaves are large, rounded or cordate, with long petioles.

Deep red stems compliment the orange-yellow flowers.

L. dentata flowers bloom in branched corymbs.

'Desdemona' flower buds up-close.

'Desdemona' Foliage.

L. dentata 'Othello' foliage is similar to that of 'Desdemona.'

L. dentata 'Othello' flower and foliage.

Big Leaf Ligularia
Ligularia dentata


Round, sometimes cordate leaves with long petioles. Flower stems are dark red, opening to corymbs of orange-yellow flowers. Some dark-leaved cultivars, such as 'Desdemona' and 'Othello,' emerge with purple leaves that turn green on top but remain purple underneath.

Plant Type: perennial

Plant Form or Habit: rounded/mounded

Plant Use: In beds and borders. Plant in groups.

Light Requirement: full sun/part shade

Flower Color:
Bloom Period:
late summer
Height: Minimum: 36 inches      Maximum: 48 inches

Width: Minimum: 24 inches     Maximum: 36 inches

Foliage Texture: coarse

USDA Hardiness Zone: 5

Water Requirements: average

Additional Comments: L. dentata 'Desdemona' is more compact than the species. 'Othello' is very similar to 'Desdemona,' but less compact and has smaller flowers.

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