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Sweetbay Magnolia, Swamp Bay, Southern Sweet Bay, Laurel Magnolia, Swamp Magnolia, Sweet Magnolia, White Bay, White Laurel, Swamp Laurel
Magnolia virginiana


Sweetbay grows in the acid swamps, sphagnum bogs, and baygalls of the southeastern Pineywoods. It does well in wet and even swampy soils, tolerates shade, and requires acid soil. The semi-evergreen leaves are slightly smaller than southern magnolias', glossy green above and silky white underneath. From April to July fragrant white flowers 2-3" in diameter appear sporadically. The plant's form is rather open and airy.

Plant Habit or Use: large shrub small tree medium tree

Exposure: sun partial sun

Flower Color: creamy white

Blooming Period: spring summer fall

Fruit Characteristics: woody cone-like structures with red seeds

Height: to 80 ft.

Width: to 60 ft.

Plant Character: semievergreen

Heat Tolerance: high

Water Requirements: high

Soil Requirements: acid neutral

USDA Hardiness Zone: 5

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