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Yewleaf Willow, Yew Willow
Salix taxifolia


Yewleaf Willow is a rather rare tree that grows along streams and dry streambeds at elevations of 4,000 to 5,000 feet in the Trans-Pecos region of west Texas. Its small leaves resemble the leaves of the true yew (Taxus spp.). That and the fact that they have a silvery gray cast make it easy to distinguish Yewleaf Willow from other willows, whose leaves are large and bright green. Branches are short and divaricate, forming a broad open crown.

Plant Habit or Use: medium tree

Exposure: sun

Flower Color: yellowish, small catkins

Blooming Period: spring

Fruit Characteristics: capsules, reddish-brown

Height: to 50 ft.

Width: to 50 ft.

Plant Character: deciduous

Heat Tolerance: high

Water Requirements: medium

Soil Requirements: acid neutral

USDA Hardiness Zone: 7

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