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Carneros Yucca, Giant Yucca, Giant Dagger, Palma, Palmilla, Spanish Dagger, Palma Barreta, Palma Samandoca
Yucca carnerosana


Carneros Yucca is one of the tree species of yucca, sometimes reaching 20 feet tall with a massive trunk about 1 foot in diameter. It is found only in Brewster County in the Trans-Pecos of west Texas, usually growing on limestone soils at 3,000 to 5,000 feet. It flowers only once every three to four years, producing flower clusters up to 7 feet tall and weighing 70 pounds. Yuccas are very drought tolerant and adaptable to different soils as long as they are well drained.

Plant Habit or Use: large shrub small tree

Exposure: sun

Flower Color: white

Blooming Period: spring summer

Fruit Characteristics: leathery capsule, 3 to 4 in. long

Height: to 20 ft.

Width: to 8 ft.

Plant Character: evergreen

Heat Tolerance: very high

Water Requirements: low

Soil Requirements: adaptable

USDA Hardiness Zone: 5

Additional Comments: It is likely that Y. carnerosana and Y. faxoniana, Faxon Yucca, will soon be considered one species.

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