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Shinners and Mahler's Illustrated
Flora of North Central Texas
George M. Diggs, Jr., Barney L. Lipscomb,
and Robert J. O'Kennon, 1999


Wildflowers of Texas
Geyata Ajilvsgi, 1991

Landscape Plants for Texas and Environs
Michael A. Arnold, 1999

Manual of the Vascular Plants of Texas
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Texas Trees - A Friendly Guide
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Manual of Woody Landscape Plants
Michael A. Dirr, 1975 (fifth ed., 1998)

Wildflowers of the Texas Hill Country
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Texas Wildflowers
Campbell and Lynn Loughmiller, 1984

Native and Naturalized Woody Plants of Austin and the Hill Country
Brother Daniel Lynch, 1981

100 Texas Wildflowers
Dorothy Baird Mattiza, (for the Native Plant Society of Texas) 1993

Trees, Shrubs, & Woody Vines of East Texas
Elray S. Nixon, 1985

How to Grow Native Plants of Texas and the Southwest
Jill Nokes, 1986

Gardening Success with difficult Soils
Scott Ogden, 1992

Trees and Shrubs of Trans-Pecos and Adjacent Areas
A. Michael Powell, 1988

Field Guide to Native Texas Trees
Benny Simpson, 1988

Trees, Shrubs and Woody Vines of the Southwest
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Native Texas Plants Landscaping Region by Region
Sally and Andy Wasowski, 1988

Roadside Flowers of Texas
Mary Motz Wills and Howard S. Irwin, 1961

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