Texas Native Shrubs is a collection of original photographs taken by Mr. Benny Simpson, Texas naturalist and plantsman extraordinaire, and long time researcher at the Texas Agricultural Experiment Station in Dallas. He devoted the majority of his 40 year career with Texas A&M to locating, propagating, and growing plants of ornamental merit adapted to the harsh Texas landscape.

You may explore this wonderful photographic archive along three paths. You may choose to explore by clicking on the links in either the index of common names or the index of scientific names. Use the clickable alphabet at the top of the page to jump to that listing of plant names. The pages displayed contain small versions of the photos; when you click on the small photo, the full-sized photo is displayed. Use the return button on your browser to return to the index.

The Photo Gallery pages have thumbnail versions of each photo labelled by scientific name. When you click on the thumbnail image, the plant information page opens in a new Web browser. Close this browser window to return to the Photo Gallery.

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