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One-flower Hawthorn, Dwarf Hawthorn
Crataegus uniflora


One-flower hawthorn is a slender shrub, low-growing with spreading branches and crooked, thorny branchlets. It usually grows to only a maximum of 12 feet high, and its small stature as well as its single flower and fruit distinguishes it from other hawthorns. The twigs are hairy and reddish-brown, but age to gray; they are armed with slender spines. In April and May it has delicate, white, 5-petaled flowers, then greenish to dull red berries maturing in October. Hawthorns make attractive accents in the landscape, as well as hedges, screens, and soil stabilizers. They are also important for wildlife, providing food and cover and nesting sites. One-flower hawthorn grows in dry woodlands or on sandy or rocky uplands and open fields in East Texas, east to Florida and north to Pennsylvania, as well as into Arkansas and Missouri.

Plant Habit or Use: medium shrub
large shrub

Exposure: sun
partial sun

Flower Color: white

Blooming Period: spring

Fruit Characteristics: greenish to dull red drupe

Height: to 12 feet

Width: to 10 feet

Plant Character: deciduous

Heat Tolerance: medium

Water Requirements:

Soil Requirements: adaptable

USDA Hardiness Zone: 6

Additional Comments:

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