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Rabbitbrush, Guadalupe Goldenweed, Chamisa, Rubber Rabbit-brush
Ericameria nauseosa (Chrysothamnus nauseosus)

Asteraceae (Compositae)

A medium shrub about 6 to 9 feet high, rabbitbrush has blue-green linear leaves and wooly white stems on a woody base, and bursts forth with masses of yellow flowers from September to November. It grows in the western part of North America from Canado to Mexico. In Texas it's found in the Guadalupe Mountains and the Panhandle, in dry, well-drained soil. It is cold hardy to below 0 degrees F, but goes semi-dormant in hot summers; in Texas it benefits from shade from the west sun. It could serve as an informal hedge along drives, and makes a nice contrast with evergreens. In order to keep it full and stimulate blooming, prune it severely in the winter.

Plant Habit or Use: medium shrub

Exposure: sun
partial sun

Flower Color: yellow

Blooming Period: fall

Fruit Characteristics: bristly achenes

Height: 6 to 9 feet

Width: 6 to 9 feet

Plant Character: semievergreen

Heat Tolerance: medium

Water Requirements:

Soil Requirements: neutral

USDA Hardiness Zone: 6

Additional Comments:

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