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Paleface Rose-mallow, Desert Rose-mallow, Rock Hibiscus
Hibiscus denudatus


Paleface rose-mallow can be easily identified by its fuzzy, oval or triangular, gray-green leaves sparsely scattered across long thin herbaceous stems, which arise from a woody base. Lavender 1- to 2-inch flowers appear periodically from March to October. It is a common shrub in desert hills and mountains from the Southern Trans-Pecos west to California. A small, shrubby perennial, usually not over 2 feet high, paleface rose mallow needs sun and well-drained soil to do well. Its leaves are drought deciduous, and it needs no extra water except to promote flowering and faster growth with denser foliage. It is long-lived as long as it is not over-watered. It is cold hardy to 5 degrees F.

Plant Habit or Use: small shrub

Exposure: sun

Flower Color: purple - lavender, sometimes almost white

Blooming Period: spring

Fruit Characteristics: capsule

Height: 1 to 2 feet

Width: to 1 foot

Plant Character: deciduous

Heat Tolerance: very high

Water Requirements:

Soil Requirements: adaptable

USDA Hardiness Zone: 7

Additional Comments:

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