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Tree Cholla, Coyonostyle, Walking-stick Cholla, Silverspine Cane Cholla
Opuntia imbricata var. argentea


Tree cholla prefers the deep sods and desert bottomlands at only 220 to 260 feet of elevation. It is a small, often thicket-forming shrub which may be distinguished from var. imbricata by its stouter glaucous joints, smaller tubercles and silvery spines with silvery sheaths. It is endemic to a very limited area in Brewster County in Big Bend National Park near Mariscal Mountain and perhaps also in adjacent Mexico. Consequently it is on the TOES V watch list, meaning that it has a restricted range in Texas, or that it has a low population, and needs attention to insure that it does not become threatened or endangered.

Plant Habit or Use: small shrub
medium shrub

Exposure: sun
partial sun

Flower Color: hot pink

Blooming Period: spring

Fruit Characteristics: 2 inch, green to rose to bright yellow

Height: 3 to 9 feet

Width: 3 to 4 feet

Plant Character: evergreen

Heat Tolerance: very high

Water Requirements:

Soil Requirements: neutral

USDA Hardiness Zone: 7

Additional Comments:

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