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Foliage/fruit (unripe)


Sand Plum, Peach Bush
Prunus texana


Sand plum is endemic (confined to a small geographic area) to the Rio Grande Plains and Edwards Plateau where it may grow in poor or disturbed soil. It is a dwarf, bushy shrub having very irregular branches and greyish bark. Young branches are light grey and conspicuously covered with short, stiff hairs. Sand plum opens its white or pink blossoms just before unfolding its leaves in spring. Its edible, peach-like fruits ripen in June and are reported to make excellent preserves. In a landscape it may be used as a low hedge plant.

Plant Habit or Use: small shrub

Exposure: sun
partial sun

Flower Color: white or pink

Blooming Period: spring

Fruit Characteristics: one-seeded velvety drupe

Height: 3 feet

Width: 2 to 4 feet

Plant Character: semievergreen

Heat Tolerance: high

Water Requirements:

Soil Requirements: neutral

USDA Hardiness Zone: 8

Additional Comments:

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