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Rattlebox, Drummond Rattlebox, Poison Bean, Coffee Bean, Siene Bean, Rattle-bush, Rattle Bean
Sesbania drummondii

Fabaceae (Leguminosae)

In Texas, rattlebox ranges from the North Central area into the Coastal Plain, growing on low wet grounds. It also goes into Mexico and east through Arkansas, Louisiana and Florida. Its evenly pinnate dull green leaves fold up in very hot sun. In its northern range the upper branches are likely to freeze down while the lower portion stays alive and woody. Although it is short lived, its showy racemes of yellow and red pea-like blossoms would provide an attractive ornamental planted in wet areas near streams. Inside its four-sided pod, the loose seeds rattle when the bush moves. Rattlebox is known to be poisonous to livestock and humans.

Plant Habit or Use: medium shrub
large shrub
small tree

Exposure: sun
partial sun

Flower Color: yellow streaked with red

Blooming Period: summer

Fruit Characteristics: 4-sided legume

Height: 15 to 20 feet

Width: 2 to 5 feet

Plant Character: deciduous

Heat Tolerance: high

Water Requirements:

Soil Requirements: acid

USDA Hardiness Zone: 8

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