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Try as we may, we can't answer all your questions by personal return email. Here are two ways you may be able to find your answer directly-- getting you an immediate answer and allowing us to concentrate on the new and unique questions.

Search using the Aggie Horticulture PLANTanswer machine
The PLANTanswer machine performs a keyword search of the entire Aggie Horticulture Web site, and other servers at Texas A&M that have horticulture-related information.

Search using the Ohio State Factsheet Database
The Ohio State database searches horticulture factsheets at all universities in the US. A wealth of information!

Email Contact for Texas Residents
Because we are a Texas state agency, our first priority must be service to Texas residents. Others are welcome to search PLANTanswers and use the information that applies to their region, but responses to individual questions will be limited to Texas residents.

About Vegetables and Ornamentals

Send EMail to Jerry Parsons
About Fruits and Nuts

Send EMail to Larry Stein

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