Problems in the Garden


Plant disease-prone species (zinnias, calendula, grandiflora petunias and stock) where air circulation is good, and keep the foliage dry. When this can't be done, fungicide treatment may be necessary.


The most common insects are aphids, white fly or spider mites which are controlled by various pesticides IF CONTROL IS INITIATED IMMEDIATELY before populations are too dense. Mites and white fly are less of a problem when plants are frequently watered. High temperatures increase insect populations necessitating more frequent pesticide treatment. Use extreme caution with pesticides. Be sure to READ THE LABEL before use.

Slugs and Snails- These pests can feast on young bedding plants, especially marigolds, petunias and salvia. Place slug bait near new plantings in late afternoon and replenish as needed. Lightly sprinkle the baits to avoid eating by wild or domestic animals.


Weeds may appear, even though you used mulch and pre-emergent herbicide. Be sure to remove weeds as soon as possible so they do not compete for water and nutrients. Remove them carefully especially when the annuals are young, so as not to disturb their roots.

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