Plant Height Inches Spread Inches Exposure Comments
Ornamental Kale (Cabbage)
Brassica oleracea
12 12 Sun or Partial shade Ornamental foliage, very hardy, edible. The Peacock series and especially White Peacock are the most cold hardy.

Plants form nearly perfect circular rosettes of leaves with centers tinged with pink, red or purple. It is grown for its foliage. Plants are usually set in fall but are not reliably winter hardy in all parts of the state.
Ornamental Cabbage 12 12 Sun or Partial shade Ornamental foliage, very hardy, edible
Viola X wittrockiana
10 10 Sun Hardy, wide color range

Pansies are the most popular hardy annual grown in Texas. Most are planted in the fall and produce some flowers in fall and winter followed by peak flowering in spring; established plants can be planted in early spring. Nearly all colors are available. The smaller flowered multiflora types are generally more satisfactory for landscape use than the giant flowered types.
Dianthus (Pinks)
Dianthus chinensis
10 12 Sun Single carnation, bright colors, hardy. The TelStar Series is one of the best Dianthus.

D. chinensis is a half-hardy annual which will overwinter. Most varieties range in height from six to 12 inches. They grow best under cool conditions and may slump in midsummer. White, pink and red predominate in the color range. Do not confuse this species with D. caryophyllus (Carnation), D. barbatus(Sweet William), and D. plumarius which are perennials.
Dusty Miller
Senecio cineraria
12 12 Sun

Dusty Miller is grown principally for its whitish-silver, wooly leaves. Varieties range in height from six to 12 inches. Daisy-like cream or yellow flowers are produced in late summer. Very hardy
6-30 6-24 Sun Good for masses of color ; Bunny Bloom Larkspur; re-seeding annual- blue, pink,white. Can be direct seeded or transplanted species and hybrids.

Larkspur is an old garden favorite for providing tall, spiky effects in the garden. They are frequently used as cut flowers. The tall hybrid perennial Delphiniums usually perform poorly in the Southeast, but the Larkspur types do well.
(Flowering Tobacco, Ornamental Tobacco)

Nicotiana alata
12 12 Sun The best, compact variety is Merlin.

In addition to a rich variety of colors -- white, lavender, crimson, maroon, green, pink, lime and yellow -- the flowers are fragrant. Varieties range in height from one to three feet.
Phlox drummondii
6-12 12 - 15 Sun

Many species of Phlox are cultivated, and many of these are perennials. Annual Phlox is a half-hardy annual useful for early season color. It typically slumps in midsummer, but may reflower strongly in fall. Many colors are available.
Iceland Poppy
Papaver nudicale
California Poppy
Eschsholzia californica
Shirley Poppy
P. rhoeas
12 10 Sun Attractive cut flowers, can be direct seeded.

These poppies are excellent annuals for naturalizing. Seeds are usually sown in late fall or early spring for early blooms. Many colors are available.
Viola X wittrockiana
10 12 Sun Excellent small flowered annual; Johnny-Jump up; no shade.

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