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Healthy Food Choices for Diabetic Mexican-Americans
1998 Prize Winning 4H Recipes
George Washington Carver's 115 Ways to Prepare Tomatoes
George Washington Carver's Sweet Potato Recipes
George Washington Carver's 105 Peanut Recipes

Jams, Jellies, Preserves
Apple Jelly
Blackberry Jelly
Cactus Fruit Jelly (Prickly Pear *Apple* Jelly)
Mock Strawberry Preserves
Persimmon Perserves
Hot Pepper Jelly
"Firey" Hot Pepper Jelly
Kumquat Marmalade
Loquat Jam
Loquat Jelly
Mesquite Bean Jelly
Pyracantha Fruit Jelly
Watermelon Rind Preserves

Bread and Butter Pickles

Tomato Recipes
George Washington Carver's 115 Ways to Prepare Tomatoes
Favorite Tomato Recipes

Favorite Onion Recipes
Using Leeks from the Garden
Favorites from the South Texas Onion Committee
Facts about Texas Sweet Onions
Appetites Whet over Moist and Mild Bulbs
Shedding Light on Tearless Texans
Sweet Talk about Texas 1015 Onions
Lasso the Sweet Taste of Texas
Texas Onions... Sweet to the Core
More Onion Recipes
Spring Entertaining is Sweeter with Texas Onions

Other Favorite Recipes
Better Than Sex Cake
Halloween History and Pumpkin Recipes
Pomegranate Recipes
Green Grape Pie
Best Lemon Ice Box Pie on Earth
new item bulletLemon Recipes
Loquat Jelly Recipes
Sweet Potato Facts and Recipes
Recipes for Eating Acorns and Acorn-Eaters
Apple Recipes
Pear Recipes
Sugarless Recipes
Mrs. Parsons' Peach Crisp
Cottage Cheese Apple Pie
Blackeyed Peas for New Year's Day
Dirt Cake
Onion Rings
Herb Vinegar
Mexican Purslane Stuffing
Pyracantha Jelly
Baking/Storing Sweet Potatoes
Green Tomato Recipes
Spinach Soup
Sweet Spinach and Yam Pie

Herb Recipes
Herb Recipes

Pecan Recipes
Award Winning Pecan Recipes

Fig Recipes
Favorite Fig Recipes

Recipe Links
Recipes from Nancy's Kitchen
Jerry Parsons' Mama's Recipes

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